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12 Best Ebook Stores To Target For Selling Ebooks

EBooks or electronic books are soft copies of an author’s manuscript which can be easily downloaded as per convenience either on one’s personal computer or eReader devices/ platforms such as the Apple iPad and Barnes & Noble Nook. Publication of eBooks not only benefits the author who can share his or her ideas and knowledge with the readers all over the world but also the interested readers who can avail information on any topic, anywhere, anytime. These days, eBooks [...]


7 Common Mistakes Ebook Writers Make

Nowadays it seems quite easy to become rich by authoring and distributing eBooks online. Want to know why some authors are doing just great than others? There are few key blunders that must be avoided by budding eBook writers at any cost: 1. Not targeted to any specific audience: It is the prerogative of eBook authors to clearly classify, recognize and visualize eBook target audience in order to be meet their expectations and be successful. Track all online sources to generate prospective [...]

Read more...’s E-Book Sales is Surpassing Real Books in the UK and US

With the advent of eBook readers, there has been a drastic change in the overall concept of reading. Noe, tech savvy people feel more ease to access Ebooks or electronic books from their PC, smart phones or tablets connected to the Internet. Since its introduction in 2010, Amazon’s Kindle has become a rage amongst eBook readers. The company has claimed that there has been a significant increase in sale of eBooks than paperback or hardback books in the United [...]


10 Tips to Increase EBook Sales

Beginning writers are often contemplative regarding the sale of their eBooks while seasoned authors seriously think by what means they can boost their digital literature sales. Here are ten tips to assist both new and accomplished authors to earn higher revenues. 1.    Design an appealing cover-page for eBook Just as the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. So is it with an eBook cover page. Undoubtedly, any eBook cover should be designed such that it draws attention at [...]